Reno Prep 101

Reno Prep 101

From daydream to fully functioning kitchen is more than a commercial break away.

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There’s a lot that goes into planning to start a renovation. The reality TV shows can make it look so easy, but even they have to prep, prep, prep. We’ve honed down our prep renovation to-do list to 4 key areas:


Have you solidified your project scope? Knowing exactly what is included in your project allows your timeline to stay on track. Adding things as you go only increases the chance mistakes will be made and your end date will be pushed back. Take time before you start to write out what your project entails and then generate your timeline to reach each goal.


Have you connected with and signed a contract with a local builder with the skills and availability to meet your project goals? Don't wait till you're ready to start before signing on. Builders aren't sitting around waiting for a client to walk in the door - they need time to schedule a new project into their workflow. Bringing your builder into the design phase is a pro tip to achieving project harmony.


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Just like your project scope, solidifying the investment for your project will keep you on track. Decision paralysis, design indecision, and expectations are all alleviated when you are confident in the investment, you're willing to make for a project. Every project has a cap, and while that may feel limiting, you'd be surprised by what creative thinking and maintaining flexibility in your expectations can achieve!



Before you jump into the design phase, gather inspirational images, analyze your existing space, and reflect on what does and does not work. Break down needs vs wants and be clear on what is a priority and what is a splurge. With this work done, you'll have a clear message to share with your designer and in turn, they will be able to curate a space that fits all your needs with ease.


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Lift off!

You've done the prep now it's time to set your plan in motion! A renovation is no small feat, but with a solid game plan, it can be a fun, inspiring and transformative experience.


Here's to creating your dream space!


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