You have questions - we have answers! Kitchen renovations are complex projects with many moving parts. We hope that this guide helps to provide some insights but if you're still left with questions, please reach out to a Swede Advisor, they are on deck to help you with anything else you need!

First things first, how much do your kitchens cost?

We'd like to preface by saying that every space has many contributing factors that drive costs - size, shape, material choices, design features etc. Which is why we prefer to offer realistic budget information, once we better understand the details of your project during a Discovery Call with one of our Swede Advisors.

In the spirit of transparency, we hope this basic guide offers you a ballpark sense of budget alignment.

Average Small-Size Kitchen: $12K - $18K
Average Medium-Size Kitchen - $18K - $28K
Average Large Size Kitchen - $29K - $45K+


Where can you ship to?

We are currently able to service projects located in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Washington State, Oregon and California. Shipping rates will vary the further you are away from one of our local manufacturing shops.


How much does it cost to ship my kitchen?

If your project is nearby one of the primary cities in BC, AB, ON, WA, OR or CA then your shipping rate will be a flat fee of $750. For areas that are located beyond a 4-hour drive from one of these cities, your shipping will include an extra travel fee ranging from $500 - $2000, depending on the distance.


Where are your cabinets built?

Our cabinets are manufactured in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary & Oakville. We work with a select group of specialized millwork shops to optimize quality and efficiency within each province and state we serve. This way, you get to experience the craftsmanship you'd expect from a local shop.


How long is your average cabinet production timeline?

This answer can vary from region to region, but on average, once you pay your final contract your custom-built cabinets will take between 6-9 weeks to arrive to your project.


How long does your design experiences take?

While this answer is largely dependent on how quickly information is shared and when decisions can be made, on average, we aim to complete your design process within 2-3 weeks.


How many revisions are included with my design purchase?

Included within the scope of either the New Build or Renovation design scope is one full set of revised renderings. Past this second set, you may continue to iterate with your designer, but at your designers hourly rate.


Who are your design partners?

We collaborate with small independent interior design studios who share our love of great design and excellent outcomes. The designers we've partnered with have extensive custom millwork backgrounds and are seasoned experts when it comes to working with clients to bring their visions to life.