The Recipe for a Perfect Kitchen with Recipe Developer Modest Marce

The Recipe for a Perfect Kitchen with Recipe Developer Modest Marce

When it comes to the kitchen, some things just make sense - this sentiment applies to both recipe creation AND interior design. And while Swede's Design Partner community has the design side of things perfected, we relied on Marcella DiLonardo's expertise as a recipe and content creator to tell us exactly what makes her new Swede kitchen the perfect fit for someone whose job predominantly takes place amongst kitchen cabinets.

Can you walk us through the process of collaborating with a Swede Design Partner to create your dream kitchen? What were some key considerations and inspirations that shaped the design? 

I love that Swede has a variety of design partners with different styles to choose from, so you can get the exact kitchen asthetic you want. Working with Meg was amazing. We clicked right from the start on what we both envisioned for the new space! The design was very much inspired by my favourite Scandanvian kitchens. Think a very minimal design with natural woods and stones.

As a recipe creator, how does having a well-designed kitchen enhance your work? What specific features or design elements were essential for you in creating recipes and content? 

As this is where I film a lot of my recipes, I needed plenty of counter space to work with as well as an open space above the countertops for setting up my equipment (that meant no uppers). I also opted for all drawers so my props & ingredients are easily accessible. This new kitchen has drastically enhanced my overall productivity. The pantry holds so many ingredients too!

Customization is often crucial in achieving specific kitchen goals. Can you share how custom kitchen cabinets and accessories played a role in realizing your vision for the kitchen? What customization options did you find most beneficial? 

I really wanted a clean & minimal look in the overall space, which is why I opted for the look of two drawers with a hidden third drawer. This minimized the hardware as well. I was able to customize the size of each interior drawer & the size of each pantry drawer, so I knew everything I have would fit perfectly. I also love that I could customize the drawer under the sink on site to fit the plumbing perfectly. It isn't often you see a drawer as the sink cabinet, but it sure is great not having to reach under a sink for cleaning supplies!

What challenges did you encounter during the design process, and how were they addressed? Were there any compromises you had to make, or unexpected discoveries that influenced the final design? 

Switching from an island to a peninsula! The previous kitchen had a very small island, but there really wasn't much space to go drastically bigger. Turning the island into a peninsula (something I would have never thought I wanted) gave me a huge working countertop with double-sided storage. 

In what ways does your new kitchen layout and features improve your workflow and efficiency as a cook and content creator? Are there any specific functionalities that stand out to you as particularly valuable? 

Not to sound like a broken record, but the drawers have made storing & accessing my props so much easier. They were always getting lost in the back of cabinets. Now I can easily access & see everything I have. The size of the peninsula also makes my prep work so much easier. So much counter space!

Beyond functionality, how does the aesthetic appeal of your new kitchen contribute to your content creation process? How do you think it will impact the presentation and overall appeal of your recipes and cooking videos? 

I finally have a kitchen that matches my brand and my own personal aesthetic! The marble counters are the dreamiest backdrop to all my recipe videos & images.  The new kitchen window floods the kitchen with natural light. It is also just so much easier to film in a space I had designed specifically for my line of work. 

Looking back at the entire renovation journey, what advice would you give to those who are considering renovating their kitchens? What are the key factors they should prioritize when designing their dream kitchen? 

The most important thing to do with any renovation is to create a budget before deciding on any materials. This way you can allocate what funds can go to cabinets, counters & all the pretty accessories. I also think it is important to order & have all your materials arrive before starting the installation. This will help avoid any unexpected last-minute delays! In terms of design, prioritize what works best for you & your lifestyle. I opted for no uppers (something people often comment on), but I personally LOVE the openness this gives the space & have zero regrets. 

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