Top 5 Questions to Consider Before Renovating Your Kitchen

Top 5 Questions to Consider Before Renovating Your Kitchen

What's your budget?

We know, it's the big question. It is an essential step to any successful kitchen remodel. Knowing your budget helps us customize our services to meet your needs and make the renovation process go smoothly. Here's what working at Swede will help you budget for:  Curious about what your project may cost when working with Swede? Book a call with one of our Advisors.

What type of appliances do you envision in your remodeled kitchen?

While we don't supply appliances, envisioning your ideal appliances is essential for both design and budgeting purposes. Appliances play a significant role in the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen.

For example, are you looking for panel-ready appliances? Wall oven instead of one under the range? Need an extra-wide fridge for a large family? These are all important questions to consider as they impact your layout design and budget significantly. Consider your options to tailor your kitchen to your needs.

Will any structural restraints impact your layout?

Not sure whether your wall is structural or not? You're not the only one, however, it's crucial to find out before diving into the design process.

Our Design Partners are skilled experts in creating innovative solutions for kitchen remodels, especially in small or structurally limited spaces. They ensure that your kitchen remodel is both efficient and stylish. They can add things like open shelves or a kitchen island, depending on how big your kitchen is.

Make sure to let them know about any items that can't be moved right from the start of your project!

Do you have a contractor lined up?

This is often one of the biggest roadblocks to getting a renovation off the ground. While there are many contractors available, finding the right one can be a significant challenge. We understand the importance of choosing a contractor with the necessary skills and experience to bring your vision to life.

As your trusted advisor in the renovation process, Swede can provide recommendations for skilled installers and contractors in your specific geographic location. By connecting you with reputable professionals, we ensure that your renovation is in capable hands from start to finish.

Are you prepared for disruption?

While we wish kitchen renovations were as quick as they seem in Instagram reels, the reality is they can be disruptive to your daily routine. They're also the projects that often make the biggest impact on your home. 

From dust and noise to temporary loss of access to essential amenities, we recommend preparing yourself for the inconveniences that come with remodeling. So, be sure to think about how you'll rejig your life in the short term so that you can reap the long-term benefits of having a new kitchen. 

After considering these key questions, you're ready to get started on your customized kitchen remodel!

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