Ode to the Coffee Nook

Ode to the Coffee Nook

Whether it's a dedicated corner, hidden away, a nook or a niche meant just for savouring the brew, a coffee station is one of our most common requests

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By far, a cup of hot coffee is how most of us start our days. With such dedication it's no wonder carving out space explicitly for our precious coffee makers is at the top of most kitchen renovation wish lists. Having everything at the ready when you stumble into the kitchen, bleary eyed and half asleep means one less thing to think about starting a new day. The act of making coffee becomes more than just a routine; it becomes a ritual that brings a sense of calm and joy to your mornings. As you savour the aroma of freshly ground beans and watch the rich, golden liquid pour into your cup, you can take a moment to pause, reflect, and pat yourself on the back for pushing for that coffee nook.

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Every kitchen has its own take on what a dedicated coffee nook means. Smaller footprints can spare a niche or nook while larger ones can dedicate space for an entire coffee bar! No matter the size of your space, drip machine or built-in, there's always a solution that can elevate the experience of playing barista at home.

Our design partners commonly integrate a dedicated coffee bar in a number of ways:

THE NICHE OR NOOK - with limited space comes limited availability but that doesn't mean we can't make it happen. Often times all that's needed in a smaller footprint is a dedicated place on the counter paired with coffee specific storage. This could be a niche or open shelf, or a drawer below to storage coffee tools out of sight. It might not be as fanciful as a full on coffee bar, but having everything in its right place keeps the the peace, both visually and mentally.

THE COFFEE STATION - the coffee station gains a little more square footage often pairing a built-in espresso machine or countertop unit with assigned prep space giving a more flushed out "at home" coffee making experience. This style lends itself to a kitchen that has a lesser used area where higher traffic appliances aren't needed.

THE COFFEE BAR - ah yes, the DREAM. For those truly dedicated to the brew. To the craft. To the ritual. For those hardcore fanatics, and those with a generous footprint, the coffee bar can include all the bells and whistles. Espresso machine of choice, built-in or countertop. Open or closed storage for espresso and coffee mugs, backup beans and accessory storage. And the true distinguishing feature of the coffee bar is the inclusion of a prep sink. A one stop shop for all your coffee needs.

Gibsons swede kitchen matte black and white oak coffee bar design rnj interiors

Gibsons swede kitchen matte black and white oak kitchen coffee bar designed rnj interiorsGibsons swede kitchen matte black and white oak kitchen coffee bar designed rnj interiors


What's your dream set up?


Words by: Swede Kitchens   Design by: RNJ Interiors   Photography by: Korch Media
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