Navigating Renovation Costs: Revealing the Decision With the Biggest Impact on Your Cabinetry Budget

Navigating Renovation Costs: Revealing the Decision With the Biggest Impact on Your Cabinetry Budget

When planning a kitchen renovation, many factors contribute to determining what the overall project budget will be. And while many of these costs are set by others, the area where Swede can help you gain a sense of control over your budget is with your custom cabinetry.

So, what's the factor that has the biggest impact on your custom cabinetry budget? It all comes down to the door style you select.

Price Tier 1 | COASTAL SLAB

High-pressure laminate (HPL) doors with a particle board core made from 100% recycled and recovered wood materials. This budget-friendly option is one of the top wood grain laminates on the market and is a staple product within Swede's catalogue!

Price Tier 2 | MATTE (Coastal + 10%)

Ultra-matte finished doors offer an antibacterial, UV resistant, environmentally friendly and superior scratch-resistant HPL with repairable micro-scratch technology. This finish is unparalleled when it comes to durability and maintenance, and you're in luck because we carry it in twelve curated colours. 

Price Tier 3 | MASTER OAKCOASTAL SMAL SHAKER (Coastal + 30%)

Melamine-faced panels made from 95% recycled wood. A sustainable and budget-friendly alternative to wooden veneers. Ranging from a light blonde to a deep black oak, our Master Oak line has a gorgeous real-wood feel and grain that exceeds the durability of a solid wood veneer.

Price Tier 4 | SHINNOKI (Coastal + 50%)

Premium ready-to-use veneer panels brushed, stained and lacquered with superior UV protection and scratch resistance. Both MDF core and veneer sheet are FSC certified. Shinnoki has become an in-house favourite among Swede's Design Partners and offers stunning wood veneers in six hand-selected colours.

Price Tier 5 | PAINTED (Coastal + 65%)

Furniture grade MDF painted with waterborne urethane and an enamel finish for a smooth and durable surface. We have selected our favourites for our catalogue, but you can choose any Benjamin Moore colour for our painted doors - giving you tens of thousands of options! Let's not forget there are three profile options in this line too: slab, smal shaker, and heritage shaker!

Ready to find the perfect door style for your upcoming renovation? Start your design journey today!

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