Maximizing Kitchen Storage: A How-to

Maximizing Kitchen Storage: A How-to

Maximizing storage in small spaces is a common dilemma for many. Whether you are working with a small apartment or a detached home, every square inch of kitchen storage counts. Today, we're sharing our top tips and tricks to maximize storage space in any kitchen!

Think Vertical

When working with a small footprint, consider bringing your millwork all the way up to the ceiling. When heightened, occasional items and small appliances are more likely to fit on that top shelf - tucked out of sight, yet close at hand when needed. Another benefit to thinking vertical is that it also gives the illusion that your space is more expansive - a win-win!

Get Creative

Think outside the box when adding “pockets” of hidden storage. Would you ever think about bringing the fridge forward a few inches to add storage behind it? This storage hack is perfect for tall, skinny items such as a broom, vacuum or perhaps even to hide your secret wine collection.


Another way to get creative is by forgoing a full table of dining chairs and opting for built-in banquette seating with storage below. Now you have a customized piece of furniture that serves a dual purpose.

Adding shallow-depth cabinets on the back of an island or peninsula is another great hack for storing items like travel mugs, cookbooks, seasonal candle holders, and more.


Tailor Made

It's important to inventory of all items you wish to store in your kitchen and measure their lengths, widths, and heights to discover the minimum cabinetry sizes required.

Typically, larger/heavier items, like casserole dishes and mixing bowls, sit on the bottom of a cabinet and have smaller items of a similar use stacked on top of each other so be sure to take those maximum heights into account! By providing these measurements, your Swede Design Partner will create a design for bespoke cabinetry that fits all your needs.

Downsize to Optimize

Downsizing is key to ensuring you are stretching the storage capacity of any space. In the kitchen, think about your items in terms of how frequently you find yourself reaching for them. By conducting this exercise, it forces you to prioritize the items that function for you regularly and reallocate those that don’t.

Furthermore, in compact kitchens, you can consider smaller appliances throughout, such selecting as a 24" fridge instead of the common 30-36" appliances. Don’t get stuck in thinking that the standard sizes are the only way to go - you've got options!

Have a favourite kitchen storage tip or trick that we didn't touch on? Share it in the comments and tell us how you make the most of your kitchen!

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