Vintage Revival

Design Service
Collab Process
Door Style
Viking Blue & Frozen Walnut
Millwork Budget
$26K - $28K

The once unassuming design of this kitchen failed to capture the spirit of its owners, a vibrant duo of vintage shop owners. Armed with a vision and a penchant for authenticity, these clients came to a Swede ready for a renovation that would infuse their space with personality and charm!

Amidst the authentic tiles from the 50s and vintage pendants, custom millwork takes center stage. Tailored to the unique needs of the owners, custom cabinets and shelving solutions offer efficient storage options while seamlessly integrating with the kitchen's retro aesthetic.

From hidden storage for laundry to open walnut shelves to display an impressive collection of vintage cookware, every detail was meticulously crafted to elevate the kitchen's functionality while preserving its quirky charm. Ultimately, this kitchen renovation was more than a makeover; it was a celebration of individuality, eclecticism, and great vintage finds!

The Team

Hooga Design | Swede Design Partner

Karina Nowlan

Swede Millwork Specialist

Tara Fenez

The Process

Having a team of specialists using our proven process ensures a streamlined experience and successful outcome.

Order Submission + Delivery

Congratulations - your design is now confirmed and your comprehensive materials package will be ordered and delivered to your project? Need build support? We do that too!

Design Refinement

In the final pre-build stage, your Swede Millwork Specialist will use all collected information to refine your millwork package and ensure each detail is reviewed by respective parties before final sign off.

Check Measure

Once you approve your estimate, your Swede Millwork Specialist will coordinate an in-person site check to gather existing measurements and details necessary for an accurate millwork plan.

Investment Review

Custom design in hand, your designer will walk you through an itemized budget estimate. Swede’s a la carte style budgeting ensures your estimate is clear and organized.

Consult + Design

Collaborate 1-on-1 with your designer to create the design concept for your kitchen. Swede’s immersive design experience allows you to visualize your space before it's built.


Connect with a Swede Advisor to discuss scope, timeline, and high level goals for your project.

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