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Additional information about our products are available through your Swede Advisor, or Project Manager.

The Process

We know that having the right team is the key to a successful project. Our New Build or Renovation services give you access to a professional interior designer, who can design your dream kitchen, and a project manager, who oversees all drawings and handles ordering, delivery and installation support to ensure your vision is fully realized.


Connect with your designer set the scope + timeline and hone in on the high level goals of your project.


Work one on one with your designer to expand on the established goals and refine the design for each room. Review and revise elevated agenda to ensure you create your dream home.


Primed with your personalized design your designer will walk your through a high level review of your estimate. Our a la carte style budget keeps your investment clear and organized for implementing approvals.


Approval of the estimate sets your site check in motion. Your Swede project manager coordinates an in-person site check to gather existing measurements and details necessary for an accurate millwork plan.

Design Refinement

Your last pit stop to finalizing your whole home package. Your project manager uses all the collected information to refine your millwork package and run all Swede’s checks and balances to ensure each detail receives a hands on send off.


You did it! Approved design plans are cemented and submitted to your local millwork shop for production. Your Swede project manager will coordinate with your builder’s timeline to ensure your order arrives precisely when the site is ready for it.

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