MCM Resurrection

Design Service
New Build
Collab Process
Door Style
Frozen Walnut
Millwork Budget
$27K - $32K
Pemberton, BC

After a devastating fire the homeowners connect with Swede for help bringing life back into their new home. Starting from scratch meant a lot of design decisions had to be made, and design partner RNJ Interiors supported throughout the home. The silver lining of being forced to rebuild is the opportunity to fulfill some long-held design dreams. The homeowners held a soft spot for Mid Century design so RNJ used that as a launching off point. Filling this new build with MCM charm gave it the rooted feeling the family needed to start fresh.

Going with a long-standing classic mid-century staple, Shinnoki's Frozen Walnut sets the tone and honours the cardinal rule of the era: all hail the wood grain! From there it was an easy next step to add in creamy whites, jewel toned greens, and deep blacks for an earthy collection perfectly suited for its dense forest surroundings. The Pemberton home came back to life brighter than ever and now the homeowners have their forested sanctuary back.

The Team

RNJ Interiors | Swede Design Partner

Rye Johnson

Swede Millwork Specialist

Kim Dankin

The Process

Having a team of specialists using our proven process ensures a streamlined experience and successful outcome.


Connect with a Swede Advisor to discuss scope, timeline, and high level goals for your project.

Consult + Design

Collaborate 1-on-1 with your designer to create the design concept for your kitchen. Swede’s immersive design experience allows you to visualize your space before it's built.

Investment Review

Custom design in hand, your designer will walk you through an itemized budget estimate. Swede’s a la carte style budgeting ensures your estimate is clear and organized.

Check Measure

Once you approve your estimate, your Swede Millwork Specialist will coordinate an in-person site check to gather existing measurements and details necessary for an accurate millwork plan.

Design Refinement

In the final pre-build stage, your Swede Millwork Specialist will use all collected information to refine your millwork package and ensure each detail is reviewed by respective parties before final sign off.

Order Submission + Delivery

Congratulations - your design is now confirmed and your comprehensive materials package will be ordered and delivered to your project? Need build support? We do that too!

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